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All Republicans (except maybe Reagan) having 750+ delegates at this point would be referred to as ‘The Presumptive Nominee’ so we’ll stick with the numbers and say… congratulations to “Donald Trump – The Presumptive Republican Nominee”

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The Inversion of Control  (a.k.a. The Hollywood Principle) & ORM Panacea Inversion of Control (IoC) is old news for the Java community but it is the latest and greatest panacea for the .NET world. Inversion of Control actually first came to light way back in the late ’80’s when it was mentioned in Johnson & Foot’s paper Designing Reusable Classes…. Read more »

How to Get Visitors from Busy, Prominent Websites When you think of hijacking, you generally think about something illegal, or unethical at the least.  The type of hijacking, or siphoning that I am talking about here is completely ethical, in fact these techniques can be mutually beneficial to both sites.  It sounds too good to be true but it isn’t…. Read more »

My Personal Initiative Utilize, Learn & Contribute to an Open Source, Microsoft .NET based Content Management System My justification for the project is primarily to learn, and at the same time investigate ways to use the CMS to better manage my expanding list of websites and content.  I have used a lot of Open Source software and felt that it… Read more »

Do any development technologies stack up to PowerBuilder? The question was almost rhetorical… but look at what I’ve done here. Converting PowerBuilder to C Sharp .NET, WCF RIA Services and Silverlight 4 I know it is hard for some people to watch the big guys win all the time, but Microsoft has been up to some good things lately. I’ve used… Read more »

WaveMaker™ delivers for the cloud like PowerBuilder did for client-server About WaveMaker Rapid Application Development for Business-Critical Web 2.0 Applications WaveMaker is an easy-to-use WYSIWYG development tool for the cloud platform.  It has a visual drag-and-drop interface that makes Web 2.0 and cloud application development easy and fun, like what PowerBuilder did for client-server.  If I had to describe WaveMaker in… Read more »

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Your prepared concept may be in a card with simply just or a cover on the gift label attached to a present. Source graphic due to What is a Marriage There is, also referred to as a bridal shower, a wedding shower a celebration kept for that woman-to-be ahead of her wedding-day. It’s popular the groom-to-. paris victims Although… Read more »

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The semicolon may connect tightly relevant suggestions, spice your publishing up, and make your phrases sound you use it properly. Merely follow these easy ways, if you’d want to learn how to use the difficult semicolon the proper way. Advertising Actions Strategy 1 of 5: Relating Two Sentences Publish one complete sentence. An entire word become an entire thought and… Read more »

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