Jul 28

Burn A Bridge, How To Overcome It?

The Taboo Subject: Bridge Burning & Career Repair Have you ever noticed that developers, or employees in general do not talk about the subject of burning bridges? I suspect that the people involved felt ashamed or upset about how they handled a situation. I know that I don’t like talking about my mistakes, and yes …

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Jul 23

Programmers Are Under-Appreciated, Over-Worked & Manipulated

  Programmers Under-Bill, Often By Greater Than 10% It is a well known generalization that lawyers tend to over-bill their clients. I don’t suggest that they really do over-bill, only that it is generally believed that they do. It is a well known fact, in the development community that developers often under-bill their clients, and the …

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Jul 21

Attention PowerBuilder Developers – Reconsider StackOverflow Questions by Newbies

PowerBuilder Developers – An Important Message & Call To Action I waited a few hours to cool down before writing this. I hope that the last sentence captured your imagination and that you’ll read the rest of the story, and leave a comment with your thoughts about this very controversial subject. The Elephant In The …

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Jul 18

Blog Manager App – Increase Adsense RPM, Income & Reduce Effort

Blog Manager Performance Tracking & Reporting C o m i n g  S o o n ! A new web based application for Adsense Entrepreneur’s & Network Marketing Professionals is in under development and will be available for beta testing September of 2014. Wanted: Adsense Entrepreneur’s for Beta Testing   Are you an Adsense Entreprenuer? …

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Jul 04

WaveMaker – First Hosted Application Completed

Finished WaveMaker Application – Ready For System Testing The program is a drug-half life elimination charting tool. It plots the drug plasma levels of various drugs as they are eliminated based on half life hours. I have the program running on my basic linux server, and for now it is running on port 8080, I …

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Jun 16

WaveMaker for PowerBuilder Developers Part 3 (Create Project)

WaveMaker for PowerBuilder Developers Part 3 (Create Project) Introduction We will be taking the first steps in creating a working WaveMaker application in this step. This includes creating a MySQL database, and creating a new project in WaveMaker. You’ll also learn how to use the Import & Export function so that you can import the …

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