Jul 28

Burn A Bridge, How To Overcome It?

The Taboo Subject: Bridge Burning & Career Repair Have you ever noticed that developers, or employees in general do not talk about the subject of burning bridges? I suspect that the people involved felt ashamed or upset about how they handled a situation. I know that I don’t like talking about my mistakes, and yes …

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Jul 23

Programmers Are Under-Appreciated, Over-Worked & Manipulated

  Programmers Under-Bill, Often By Greater Than 10% It is a well known generalization that lawyers tend to over-bill their clients. I don’t suggest that they really do over-bill, only that it is generally believed that they do. It is a well known fact, in the development community that developers often under-bill their clients, and the …

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Jul 21

Attention PowerBuilder Developers – Reconsider StackOverflow Questions by Newbies

PowerBuilder Developers – An Important Message & Call To Action I waited a few hours to cool down before writing this. I hope that the last sentence captured your imagination and that you’ll read the rest of the story, and leave a comment with your thoughts about this very controversial subject. The Elephant In The …

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Jul 18

Blog Manager App – Increase Adsense RPM, Income & Reduce Effort

Blog Manager Performance Tracking & Reporting C o m i n g  S o o n ! A new web based application for Adsense Entrepreneur’s & Network Marketing Professionals is in under development and will be available for beta testing November  2014. Wanted: Adsense Entrepreneur’s for Beta Testing   Are you an Adsense Entreprenuer? Would …

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Jul 04

WaveMaker – First Hosted Application Completed

Finished WaveMaker Application – Ready For System Testing The program is a drug-half life elimination charting tool. It plots the drug plasma levels of various drugs as they are eliminated based on half life hours. I have the program running on my basic linux server, and for now it is running on port 8080, I …

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Jun 16

WaveMaker for PowerBuilder Developers Part 3 (Create Project)

WaveMaker for PowerBuilder Developers Part 3 (Create Project) Introduction We will be taking the first steps in creating a working WaveMaker application in this step. This includes creating a MySQL database, and creating a new project in WaveMaker. You’ll also learn how to use the Import & Export function so that you can import the …

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Jun 12

WaveMaker For PowerBuilder Developers Part 2 (Installing Tools)

WaveMaker For PowerBuilder Developers Part 2 (Installing Tools)   Introduction We’ll be installing the tools that will be used in building a new WaveMaker and MySQL web application. The application will be used as a very simple content management slash note taking type application for storing code snippets, article parts, articles, account information, documentation, links, …

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Jun 11

WaveMaker For PowerBuilder Developers Part 1 (Introduction)

WaveMaker For PowerBuilder Developers Part 1 (Introduction)   Overview Considering that PowerBuilder 15 (beta) is not publicly available without a special SAP login id for existing customers, I decided to take the time to build a WaveMaker web application and see how it compares to PowerBuilder. We’ll also find out how difficult, or easy it …

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Jun 11

Askimet Plugin for WordPress Blogs

How to eliminate spam comments in a WordPress blog I’ve been using the Askimet plugin to eliminate spam-comments for almost four years on several blogs. It works great and is free for personal use. I am feeling guilty about not paying to use Askimet and figured that promoting the tool was the least that I …

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May 17

PowerBuilder Memory Lane, Version 3

This is the detail page for PB3. If you’d rather start from the beginning the main article is called, PowerBuilder, Memory Lane for PB Developers. PowerBuilder History, Version 3.0 Rewind to 1993, and explore PowerBuilder Version 3.0. This was a big release for PowerBuilder, a historic release in my mind. I felt like PB3 had demonstrated …

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May 16

PowerBuilder Developers Trip Down Memory Lane

Memory Lane for PowerBuilder (PB) Developers   Have you ever noticed that a good number of the die-hard PowerBuilder evangelists started using the development tool some time between versions one and three? It seems that way to me anyway.   I started developing with version three back in the mid-90’s. Most of the long-time developers I’ve …

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Mar 29

High AdSense RPM – A Statistic of Legendary Publishers

  High AdSense RPM – A Statistic of Legendary Publishers You might have heard me talking about how AdSense RPM is the gold-standard for measuring a websites’ money making ability. It is no secret that I love a high-RPM website because it offers the highest amount of revenue for each page viewed. You like making …

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