Jun 16

PowerBuilder Timeline, SAP and Appeon Partnership

Does PowerBuilder Have Nine Lives? The future of PowerBuilder has been the subject of debate among client-server developers for nearly a decade. PowerBuilder appears to be as resilient as a cat, coming back from near death several times, perhaps it has nine lives. The word on the street is that Appeon inked a deal with SAP for …

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Jun 16

WaveMaker for PowerBuilder Developers Part 3 (Create Project)

WaveMaker for PowerBuilder Developers Part 3 (Create Project) Introduction We will be taking the first steps in creating a working WaveMaker application in this step. This includes creating a MySQL database, and creating a new project in WaveMaker. You’ll also learn how to use the Import & Export function so that you can import the …

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Jun 12

WaveMaker For PowerBuilder Developers Part 2 (Installing Tools)

WaveMaker For PowerBuilder Developers Part 2 (Installing Tools)   Introduction We’ll be installing the tools that will be used in building a new WaveMaker and MySQL web application. The application will be used as a very simple content management slash note taking type application for storing code snippets, article parts, articles, account information, documentation, links, …

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Jun 11

WaveMaker For PowerBuilder Developers Part 1 (Introduction)

WaveMaker For PowerBuilder Developers Part 1 (Introduction)   Overview Considering that PowerBuilder 15 (beta) is not publicly available without a special SAP login id for existing customers, I decided to take the time to build a WaveMaker web application and see how it compares to PowerBuilder. We’ll also find out how difficult, or easy it …

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May 17

PowerBuilder Memory Lane, Version 3

This is the detail page for PB3. If you’d rather start from the beginning the main article is called, PowerBuilder, Memory Lane for PB Developers. PowerBuilder History, Version 3.0 Rewind to 1993, and explore PowerBuilder Version 3.0. This was a big release for PowerBuilder, a historic release in my mind. I felt like PB3 had demonstrated …

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May 16

PowerBuilder Developers Trip Down Memory Lane

Memory Lane for PowerBuilder (PB) Developers   Have you ever noticed that a good number of the die-hard PowerBuilder evangelists started using the development tool some time between versions one and three? It seems that way to me anyway.   I started developing with version three back in the mid-90’s. Most of the long-time developers I’ve …

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Mar 29

High AdSense RPM – A Statistic of Legendary Publishers

  High AdSense RPM – A Statistic of Legendary Publishers You might have heard me talking about how AdSense RPM is the gold-standard for measuring a websites’ money making ability. It is no secret that I love a high-RPM website because it offers the highest amount of revenue for each page viewed. You like making …

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Mar 24

PowerBuilder – Dominating Business App Development For 2 Decades

PowerBuilder – Dominates Business App Development for 2 Decades PowerBuilder is the best development language for most vertical market business applications. Yes, this article was written in 2014, and it was written by a developer of twenty years who has written PowerBuilder, Microsoft, and Java applications.   PowerBuilder silences critics or over a decade The …

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Mar 15

Increase AdSense RPM & Rev Up Your Blog Income Today

Increase AdSense RPM & Double Your Income Every 6 Months   Yes, you really can double a blogs’ income in six to twelve months by improving three basic areas. I will cover each of the three areas in this article. I nearly doubled my blog income over the last six months and I’m going to …

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Feb 22

PowerBuilder Web Forms – Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting PowerBuilder Web Forms Applications   Do you remember the common GPF errors in PowerBuilder version 3, 4, 5 or 6? If so, get ready for round two with PowerBuilder web forms applications. PowerBuilder Web Forms Applications might test your patience with unpredictable challenges. I believe that the web forms functionality needs some refinement before …

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Jan 20

PowerBuilder 15 – PowerBuilder User Conference 2014 in Charlotte NC

PowerBuilder 15 a genuine SAP product until at least 2022   SAP is committed to releasing PowerBuilder 15 and has started an internal beta program and is moving PowerBuilder 12.5 and PowerBuilder 15 to the SAP downloads area. This information comes from PowerBuilder expert Bruce Armstrong via several blog posts on the PowerBuilder Developer Center.   …

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Jan 06

PowerBuilder Converting ANSI and Unicode Strings

Converting PowerBuilder Strings from ANSI to Unicode due to special characters being converted incorrectly such as the dash when converted to unicode is an invalid character.

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