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Oct 16

.NET System.String vs System.Text.StringBuilder

Strings in .NET are Immutable and can be very inefficient Once you assign an initial value to a System.String object the data cannot be changed.  This may seem incorrect because it looks like the value can be changed in code, but in reality any change made to a String results in a brand new String …

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Jun 04

WaveMaker – Revisited Part 2 – Perspective of a PowerBuilder developer

  WaveMaker Revisited: Part 2 –  Observations made by a career PowerBuilder developer For those of you who don’t know me,  I am a career PowerBuilder developer, having ridden the PowerBuilder wave from before it started until now– still riding the remnants of the huge waves PowerBuilder made in the 1990′s and early 2000′s.   …

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May 16

WaveMaker – Take Two – PowerBuilder Pro Reaction, OMG

The Latest WaveMaker is freaking Amazing – Look out Microsoft – Goodbye PB! Has anyone seen the new WaveMaker?    I wrote an article about it a while ago and was pretty impressed with the tool.  I don’t remember which version I was using then but it reminded me a little of PowerBuilder, in that you …

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Oct 12

Creating & Using a PowerBuilder 12.5 WCF Service via ASP.NET MVC4 Application

Learning To Create a WCF Web Service using PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET UPDATED 10-15-2012 Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2012 Added Multi-Row Results from Web Service Added Update via Web Service Added Insert via Web Service Added Delete via Web Service Updated from MVC3 to MVC4 Added Downloadable Source Code (see final page of this …

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Feb 14

PowerBuilder Job & Salary Trends 2011 – Up 21%

PowerBuilder Jobs are Trending Upward in 2010 A few weeks ago I posted a poll for predictions about PowerBuilder 12 for 2011 and the majority of readers feel optimistic about PowerBuilder in 2011.  This prompted me to do some research for real-world statistics about the current trend.  I found this website that tracks the trends …

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Jan 25

Open Website From Silverlight 4 App – Non-OOB Workaround

How to Open Websites from Silverlight 4 and NOT use OOB Setting As with all workarounds, they aren’t perfect implementations, this one is a start. The Silverlight 4 Application – Web Browser Running non-OOB The specific things that facilitated this particular workaround are pretty simple. First we add an iframe to the test page that …

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