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Feb 14

PowerBuilder Job & Salary Trends 2011 – Up 21%

Tweet PowerBuilder Jobs are Trending Upward in 2010 A few weeks ago I posted a poll for predictions about PowerBuilder 12 for 2011 and the majority of readers feel optimistic about PowerBuilder in 2011.  This prompted me to do some research for real-world statistics about the current trend.  I found this website that tracks the …

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Jan 25

Open Website From Silverlight 4 App – Non-OOB Workaround

Tweet How to Open Websites from Silverlight 4 and NOT use OOB Setting As with all workarounds, they aren’t perfect implementations, this one is a start. The Silverlight 4 Application – Web Browser Running non-OOB The specific things that facilitated this particular workaround are pretty simple. First we add an iframe to the test page …

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Jan 01

SplitButton Control in Silverlight 4 – Silverlight Toolkit

Tweet Using the SplitButton control in your Silverlight 4 Application What is the SplitButton? The SplitButton is a nice control that allows you to turn one button into many different click options.  For example, you might have a Save button, with a split section that drops down with options to Save-As, Save a Copy, etc. …

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Dec 15

Web Development is Easy & Web Applications Are Boring

Tweet Web Developers aren’t really true programmers. Remember the old days, the mid 1990′s when Visual Basic (pre .net) and Front-Page were the tools of the web developer?   It wasn’t long after they were doing “shadow-IT” developing Clipper and Dbase programs that you ultimately ended up supporting or converting to PowerBuilder.   If you …

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Dec 09

ORM & IoC – Hollywood Principle, Panacea or Fad?

Tweet The Inversion of Control  (a.k.a. The Hollywood Principle) & ORM Panacea Inversion of Control (IoC) is old news for the Java community but it is the latest and greatest panacea for the .NET world. Inversion of Control actually first came to light way back in the late ’80′s when it was mentioned in Johnson …

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Dec 06

Silverlight 5 Announced – 64 bit runtime

Tweet Silverlight 5 – Announced – 64 Bit Runtime The blogger on Silverlighthack mentions the advantages of a 64-bit runtime, which I found interesting – good stuff coming out of Microsoft.

Dec 06

Learning Silverlight Checklist, Must-Have Tools, SDK’s & Guides

Tweet Learning Silverlight Checklist – Everything you’ll need to program Silverlight 4 Quick Intro of Silverlight 4 – for PowerBuilder Application Developers Silverlight 4 is a powerful development platform from Microsoft used for creating rich internet applications.  The free plug-in, powered by the .NET framework and compatible with multiple browsers, devices and operating systems.  Silverlight …

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Nov 03

Silverlight 4 Toolkit – WrapPanel Example

Tweet Using the WrapPanel of the Silverlight Toolkit The WrapPanel control doesn’t come standard in Visual Studio 2010, it has been removed and placed in the Silverlight Toolkit which can be downloaded from Codeplex Making a Windows Explorer “like” interface using the WrapPanel in Silverlight 4 The WrapPanel is a very useful control that allows …

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Oct 26

Making DisplacedGuy More Useful, Please Let Me Know Here

Tweet Help Me Make DisplacedGuy Blog Better For You! Without your feedback I have no way of knowing what I’m doing right, and what I’m doing wrong.  If you tell me then I will do my best to make changes. What things would you like to see more of, and what would you like to …

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Oct 16

PowerBuilder Poll – Using PB? Java? WaveMaker?

Tweet I decided to try out a WordPress plug-in for polls to find out what everyone is doing with PB, or what they are not doing with PB. The results are anonymous and you get to see the results immediately after taking. How are you using PowerBuilder, or replacements?online surveys

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