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Oct 16

.NET System.String vs System.Text.StringBuilder

Strings in .NET are Immutable and can be very inefficient Once you assign an initial value to a System.String object the data cannot be changed.  This may seem incorrect because it looks like the value can be changed in code, but in reality any change made to a String results in a brand new String …

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Jun 04

WaveMaker – Revisited Part 2 – Perspective of a PowerBuilder developer

  WaveMaker Revisited: Part 2 –  Observations made by a career PowerBuilder developer For those of you who don’t know me,  I am a career PowerBuilder developer, having ridden the PowerBuilder wave from before it started until now– still riding the remnants of the huge waves PowerBuilder made in the 1990′s and early 2000′s.   …

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May 16

WaveMaker – Take Two – PowerBuilder Pro Reaction, OMG

The Latest WaveMaker is freaking Amazing – Look out Microsoft – Goodbye PB! Has anyone seen the new WaveMaker?    I wrote an article about it a while ago and was pretty impressed with the tool.  I don’t remember which version I was using then but it reminded me a little of PowerBuilder, in that you …

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Feb 14

PowerBuilder Job & Salary Trends 2011 – Up 21%

PowerBuilder Jobs are Trending Upward in 2010 A few weeks ago I posted a poll for predictions about PowerBuilder 12 for 2011 and the majority of readers feel optimistic about PowerBuilder in 2011.  This prompted me to do some research for real-world statistics about the current trend.  I found this website that tracks the trends …

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Jan 25

Open Website From Silverlight 4 App – Non-OOB Workaround

How to Open Websites from Silverlight 4 and NOT use OOB Setting As with all workarounds, they aren’t perfect implementations, this one is a start. The Silverlight 4 Application – Web Browser Running non-OOB The specific things that facilitated this particular workaround are pretty simple. First we add an iframe to the test page that …

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Jan 01

SplitButton Control in Silverlight 4 – Silverlight Toolkit

Using the SplitButton control in your Silverlight 4 Application What is the SplitButton? The SplitButton is a nice control that allows you to turn one button into many different click options.  For example, you might have a Save button, with a split section that drops down with options to Save-As, Save a Copy, etc.   …

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